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Rights Requested Chat Moderator
Joining Date Saturday, June 16th 2012
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User Description Due to the prolonged absence of certain users, a vacancy has been created for a new Chat Moderator. I believe myself to be a user suitable to fill this vacancy for the following reasons:  

My timezone is very close to that of the moderator who was recently demoted. Their timezone being UTC +8, and mine being UTC +10; which is a 2 hour difference with me being two hours ahead. This means I am able to cover pretty much the same times as they do. Furthermore, I am rarely inactive; also my schedule is extremely consistent, and I am able to join chat often, and for long periods of time; week in and week out. If a situation ever arises and there is no Moderator or Administrator present I am easily contactable through E-Mail or Skype.
In terms of enforcing Policy, I am quite capable and know all of our policies like the back of my hand, and I'm able to explain them in simple terms; in the event that any misunderstanding. I also speak fluent English, my grammar is excellent and I am able to explain myself and show my point quite clearly and easily.
Although I may come across as immature and inexperienced. However, when given responsibility I am able to handle myself well and I can get serious and step up to the plate when the time comes for it or when it's needed.
I believe by becoming a moderator, I'll be able to help users to a better degree and become someone they can go to when there is trouble in chat.

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